Hello Baby Jacket Kit

Type: Knit Kit

This baby jacket has an intricate look, yet uses a deceptively simple stitch, creating a beautiful knit to dress up baby for special occasions. Pattern sized for 6 month and 12 month


Kit includes 450 yards of U.S. natural organic cotton and is package in a special ribboned gift box.  and includes a section to document who the knit was made for, the knitter and space for special comments.

Pattern Specifications

This is a moderately easy knit.  A U.S. 6 needle is recommended.

ERRATA: Revised Sleeves Row 1 and Row 2:

Row 1: k7(9), *p1, kb1, p1, kb1, p1, kb1, p1, k8(9)*, repeat * to * end of row.

Row 2: p7(9), *kb1, p1, kb1, p1, kb1, p1, kb1, p8(9)*, repeat * to * end of row.