Shaniko Washable Wool

We are pleased to add U.S. Washable Sport Weight Wool from the Shaniko Wool Company to our line of yarn offerings.


Shaniko Wool ranch, located in north central Oregon, is the base of operations, they ranch, plus bring in wool from nearly a dozen partner ranches that are located in California, Nevada and Colorado. For more than a century this community of ranches have been demonstrating a commitment to nurturing natural resources through responsible land management and grazing practices that improve soil health, water quality and biodiversity. 

The History... In the spring of 1900, the Union Pacific completed a railroad branch south from the Columbia River into Oregon's interior, called the Columbia Southern Railway, with its terminus in Shaniko. It was a welcome arrival for ranchers who struggled to move their harvests to markets located across a continent. Shaniko became known as the "wool capital of the world," boasting the largest wool warehouse in Oregon and shipping 4 million pounds of wool in its first year. Named for the town of Shaniko, Oregon, the company honors the timeless importance of and role that wool has played in the town's history. 

Shaniko Wool Company offers the only fully traceable and third-party certified wool in North America, via the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) and Nativa Precious Fiber standards. The RWS is a voluntary global standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on.

Shaniko is creating a first-of-its-kind Carbon Initiative to determine its net carbon budgets and measure carbon sequestration. With credible and verified data and findings, the company's Carbon Initiative will influence future management decisions and support the environmental and economic value of sustainable and regenerative ranching practices.

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Why we love it, Why we chose it.

For you. Simply put, we are passionate about responsibly sourced and managed fiber that are just as durable as they are touchable. Warm and cozy, the U.S. sourced washable sport weight wool is soft enough for the most intimate heirloom gifts, yet made to last for generations to come, wash after wash.