Zoom Loom Keepsake Blanket Kit

Type: Weaving Kit

A magnificent blanket and all created with a 4" pin loom!  Weave 100 squares, with a variety of easy designs, whip stitch them together and you have created something that will be treasured for generations. The finished blanket is 38" x 38" washed.  

A baby shower idea: buy the group some pin looms, everyone makes squares and stitch it together as a way to show the newborn they are being born into a community of love, with a forever blanket to be wrapped in to show it.


In an ivory organza bag, there is 582 yds./532 m, 9 oz. of our undyed natural U.S. Organic Cotton and 224 yds./205 m, 5 oz. of a contrasting low-impact dyed U.S. Organic Cotton for the border, plus the instructions.  The kit is offered with a blue, pink or silver border.

Pattern Specifications

Experience with 4" square pin loom required. 

We use Schacht's Zoom Loom.