baby mobile made with granny squares

Celebrating the Timeless Artistry of Granny Squares: A Whimsical Baby Mobile and Homage to Crafters

Celebrating the Timeless Artistry of Granny Squares: A Whimsical Baby Mobile and Homage to Crafters

Inspired by Granny and Granny Squares…

Everywhere you look there are wonderful interpretations of the classic crochet Granny Square. 


Like out at lunch last week, the woman sitting at the next table had a charming daisy granny square sweater on. And it is not just blankets and wearables where Granny Squares are showing up. Check out this picture of a wall hanging our friend sent…

There are so many fab ideas for using the venerable crochet Granny Square. Yet when I read the headline ‘This ain’t your granny’s Granny Square’!  it felt wrong, like it was dishonoring the work of the women before us. 


Yes, I know there have been ‘yarns’ about the thousands of Granny Square throws that have draped over the couches of American homes.  Jokes about the durability of the chosen yarn, but I won’t join in.  Strip away the color choices of the era and the few choices of yarn quality of the times and you find women who have held up the craft of crocheting over the generations.  Women who have chosen to put time aside for themselves to express their creativity. They designed items that brought originality into their homes, welcomed babies and celebrated marriage.  

We applaud the return of the Granny Square and encourage all of us textile artist to not focus on how much better we can make them, but be inspired to crochet these squares to respect and honor the work of the women before us. 

Of course, we had to find a way to design with Granny Squares for the baby, the niche we are all about!


I’ve been concerned that a baby blanket made of open work Granny Squares would catch little fingers and toes… we arrived at a colorful and easy baby mobile to hang above the crib. 

dyed wool image

Donna set to crocheting all shapes and colors of little squares.  Our US organic cotton is just the perfect weight and fiber, plus we have so many joyful colors!  She soaked them in a mixture of cornstarch and water to stiffen them.  Once dry, Tshe hung them from a wooden embroidery hoop with fishing line.  So fun and whimsical!


We hope you are inspired, like we are, by the resurgence of the Granny Square and pay homage to all the crafters who came before us. 

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 A colorful, happy scarf!

Granny Square earrings!  So fun!

A very cool bag.

Another cool bag.