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Custom Dog Sweater

Custom Dog Sweater

A Pattern For Dog and Math Lovers

Family Tree Hand Knit Dog Sweater 

Almost immediately after we found the Shaniko washable wool, we knew we wanted to add an Appalachian Baby design for our beloved canine babies. The wool is lightweight, soft and, oh-my-gosh, machine washable! 

dog modeling sweater

The challenge, of course, is there are so many sizes of dogs. Our ace knitter and math geek, Cathy Hyndman, jumped at the chance and developed a knit pattern that can be customized for a small Dachshund or a large German Shorthair Pointer.

Her instructions show how to adapt the pattern to any dog’s measurements, with guidance on how to measure, then calculate the stitches and rows, along with short video clips of some of the specific knit techniques. 

We are gifting her custom dog sweater pattern to all our knitters who have pups who need a sweater when the temperature drops and the winds are blowing.  Shaniko Wool yarn requirements based on dog size are listed in the pattern.

And a final note for us all: Bark Less, Wag More!


The wool is a lovely natural color, yet takes dye beautifully  if you want to add some color.  This swatch was done in a bath of chestnuts!  More on dying our Shaniko wool to come.

dyed wool image

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